Elise Christiaens





Born in Belgium, Elise Christiaens began playing the double bass when she was 10 years old and became interested in historical performance practice at a very early age. She studied modern bass in Ghent, Brussels, Essen (Germany) and went to the prestigious Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada. At the same time, she took master classes to broaden her understanding of performing the historical bass, joining the European Union Baroque Orchestra in 2000. With a great deal passion and devotion, she has made the 8-foot violone her own.

Through a more than 10-year partnership with Sigiswald Kuijken and his orchestra “La Petite Bande” as well as with Jos Van Immerseel’s ensemble Anima Eterna, Elise has explored a wide range of repertoire extending from baroque music to music of the classical and romantic eras. Active as both an orchestral musician and as a soloist, her musical activities have taken her in many directions, ranging from very early music together with ensembles such as Bach Collegium Japan (Masaaki Suzuki) Il Gardellino (Marcel Ponseele) and Zefiro Torna (Jurgen de Bruyn) as well as modern repertoire with the Ictus ensemble.

Today, Elise plays in several international orchestras and ensembles on historical instruments, including Bachplus (B. Naessens), B’Rock, Capella Krakoviensis, Compania di Punto, Apotheosis Ensemble (C. Bernolet), Ensemble Pulcinella (O. Gaillard), Ensemble Pygmalion (R. Pichon), Le Poème Harmonique (V. Dumestre) and Les dissonances (D. Grimal).

With FolliArt she is interested in discovering different aspects or the violone and its place in the musical repertoire